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The Advanced Inventory System is a scripting system that allows you to 
use an inventory in your projects, with unlimited customizable items, 
storing items between levels and controlled with the mouse.The system 
allows you to create and use items of 4 different types: weapons, items, 
the use of which will apply an effect to the player when used, items that
cannot be used and notes.
The inventory has an easily customizable appearance, you can change 
all images, colors and inscriptions by changing only a few lines in the 
script settings. To integrate the inventory to your level, you only need to 
add the entity to the level and install a script on it. You can easily create
items using the Item Creator, or manually (Program Item Creator is not part
of this product and is not required for its performance).

The system allows you to easily create add-ons without changing the source
code of the script.

This system combines the ease of integration of 
Simple inventory system and the advanced functionality of 
Inventory System Pro.

Without addons, the advanced inventory system includes:
  • Inventory script
  • Item script
  • Script "Winzone, if the player has the required amount of the specified item"
  • Script "Winzone with saving"
  • Script "Winzone if the player has the required amount of the specified item with saving"
  • 17 ready-made items
  • Ready-made inventory style in the form of a PDA

Abbreviated Usage Documentation

Adding inventory to a level

To add inventory to a level, place any entity on it.  Change the properties of
this entity:
  • StaticMode on No
  • AlwaysActive on Yes
  •  Main on stv233\ais\stv233_ais.lua
Specify "Load" in the Name property if you want the inventory to be loaded
from the previous level.
Done, now the inventory is added to the level.Start the level and press the B
key (default). Use your mouse to select items.
Use LMB to equip / use / read an item if applicable. Use RMB in order to 
out the item, if allowed by its settings.
 You can also set sounds in the entity properties that will be used in the 
  • Sound0 - Opening inventory
  • Sound1 - Closing inventory
  • Sound2 - Selection
  • Sound3 - Using the item
  • Sound4 - Deleting an item
Creating items 
To create a new item, create a new folder along the path
"Game Guru \ Files \ databank \ AIS \ Items". Name it what
you want to name the item. Go to the created folder and create the file
"init.dat". Enter the following lines in this file:

ItemType = Type

Instead of “Type”, Specify 0 if youwant to craft a weapon. Specify 1 if you 
want to create a usable item. Specify
2 if you want to create an item that cannot be used. Specify 3 if you want to
create a note.

ItemEffect = Effect

Instead of "Effect", specify the name of the effect that will be applied when
using the item. Specify the
name of the weapon if the item is a weapon.
List of Standard Effects:
  • Heal- Add health
  • AddLives- Add lives
  • SetHealth- Set health
  • SetLives- Set lives
  • Damage- Cause damage to the player
You can add new effects to the ItemEffect function yourself using the 
following template:

elseif (effect == "Effect Name") then

EffectCount = Count

Instead of "Count" specify the amount. For example, if you selected "Add 
health" and indicated
“50” in this line, then the player will be added 50 health points.

Icon = Image

Instead of "Image"specify the relative path to the image that will be used 
as the icon of the item.

CanDeleted = Can

Instead of "Can"specify "0" if you want to create an item that cannot be 
removed from
inventory, specify "1" if you want to create an item that can be
removed from inventory.

Description = Description Path

Instead of "Description Path", specify the relative path1 to a text file with a
description of the subject. If this item is a note, then this text will be the text
of the note..

To create items for this inventory system, you can use
the Item Creator program (Program Item Creator is not part of this product and is not
required for its performance).

Launch Item Creator and select "New advanced inventory system project".
In the window that opens, enter a name and
select a place where the project with your items will be stored, then click
"Save". After that you will get into the project management form. To
create an item, click the "Create new item" button in the upper left
corner, then fill in all the necessary information about the item in the window
that opens and click "OK".
The item you just created will appear on the right side of the project 
management form. Click the "Export" button
located on the right of your item. Select the "Game Guru \ Files \
databank \ AIS \ Items" folder and click "OK". Your item is now
ready for use in the engine.
Adding an item to a level 
To add an item to a level, place any entity on it. Change the properties of this
  • StaticMode on No
  • AlwaysActive on No
  • Main on stv233\ais\stv233_ais_item.lua
In the Name property, enter the name of the item that will be picked up by
the player.
In the Strength property, the number of items that will be received by 
You can also specify sounds in the properties of the entity that will be used 
when interacting with the subject
  • Sound0 - Getting an item
  • Sound1 - Inventory is full
Saving inventory between levels 
To save inventory between levels, you must create conditions at both levels.
At the level from which wetransfer (hereinafter referred to as level 1) and at 
the level to which we are
transferred (hereinafter referred to as level 2).
At level 1, place the Win Zone, in the Main property of this zone 
specify "stv233 \ais\ Markers \ winzone_save.lua".
In the IfUsed property of this zone, specify the name of level 2.
At level 2, create an inventory according tothe item 'Adding inventory to a 
level'. In the Name property, specify"Load".

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My English is not very good, so I apologize in advance if I misunderstood your question. If you need further assistance, please go to any product of this pack and leave a message by clicking the blue "Support url" button on the right side of the page, or send an email to [email protected]
22nd Dec '20 19:50
Hello Mr Bind, thanks for your interest in this script. You can download the ItemCreator program by following the hyperlinks from the Creating items section of the manual. You can also do this by typing "stv233" in the google search engine and going to the "Projects" section of my site. On a side note, that the download button will not be displayed in the mobile version of the site.
15th Dec '20 02:24
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This is awesome work, ???? adding the website is an amazing tool thank you so much. Is it possible to download the program u use on the website?
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