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A script pack containing the necessary scripts to create an RPG, supplemented by examples of interactions between scripts and source materials.

Advanced dialog script
Advanced dialog script - a script that allows you to create a multi-page branched dialog with the ability to customize the appearance and control from the keyboard or mouse.

The built-in system of variables allows you to change the text of the dialogue at runtime, as well as hide and display the player's responses, depending on the value of the variable.

The system of conditions and actions of the dialog script can interact with other scripts when defining interaction functions.

The script includes ready-made functions for interacting with the Advanced inventory system, such as:
  • Give \ Take away the item from the player.
  • Display the player's response if the player has a certain amount of the desired item.

 With the Skill tree:
  • Give \ Take away skill points from the player.

And also for interacting with the Simple task list:
  • Set task status.

For simple and convenient creation of dialogs, you can use the Dialog Builder 2 program. (Program Dialog Builder 2 is not part of this product and is not required for its performance.)

Advanced inventory system
The Advanced inventory system is a scripting system that allows you to 
use an inventory in your projects, with unlimited customizable items, 
storing items between levels and controlled with the mouse.The system 
allows you to create and use items of 4 different types: weapons, items, 
the use of which will apply an effect to the player when used, items that
cannot be used and notes.
The inventory has an easily customizable appearance, you can change 
all images, colors and inscriptions by changing only a few lines in the 
script settings. To integrate the inventory to your level, you only need to 
add the entity to the level and install a script on it. You can easily create
items using the Item Creator, or manually (Program Item Creator is not part
of this product and is not required for its performance).

The system allows you to easily create add-ons without changing the source
code of the script.

This system combines the ease of integration of 
Simple inventory system and the advanced functionality of 
Inventory System Pro.

Without addons, the advanced inventory system includes:
  • Inventory script
  • Item script
  • Script "Winzone, if the player has the required amount of the specified item"
  • Script "Winzone with saving"
  • Script "Winzone if the player has the required amount of the specified item with saving"
  • 17 ready-made items
  • Ready-made inventory style in the form of a PDA

Skill tree
Skill tree script allows you to create a tree with three independent branches of custom skills. 
Skills can be active and passive, as well as have consistent access or be available for learning at all times. Skills are learned for skill points, you can add the issue of skill points to your script, or use the script of the skill point as a collectable item included in this product.
The skill tree can save progress between levels, as well as work with the standard GameGuru save system.
This product also includes 15 ready-made skills.
The script interface has high visual customization. You can easily change all used colors and images in the script settings.

Simple task list
A simple task list script allows you to create simple tasks, display them, and, using statuses, track their progress. The script has two sublists: "In progress" and "Completed". Tasks are assigned to sublists depending on their status. You can change the assignment of sublists by changing the list of statuses belonging to them. This can be done in the script settings.

Default statuses:
 In progress:
  •   "In progress"
  •   "Successfully"
  •   "Failed"
  •   "?anceled"

Each status is assigned a color that will display tasks with this status.

All used colors and images can be easily changed in the script settings.
The script also has the ability to display a notification about the change in the status of the task.

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