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Note: This package includes versions that are native to BLENDER and UNITY. It will not work in Game-Guru without some conversion work.

Explore, Conquer or Defend the Final Frontier with "Space Age Invasion." Currently, this Mega-pack includes two large asset packages: The Massive Modular Rocket Pack and Massive Modular UFO Attack.

About Massive Modular UFO Attack:

* 15 different base "classes" or "variants" of spaceships to build your own UFO fleet with. These range the gamut from ultra-light fighters to
heavy radar ships to drones, and often have additional sub-variations. The unity version includes over 100 prefab variants already created.
* A variety of heavy turrets and cockpits.
* A variety of science-fiction ball turrets to act as cockpits or extra weaponry.
* Retro-Rocket packages and auxiliary equipment such as rocket-launchers.
* Well-organized Blend files with easy to append collections. Additional
Blend files demonstrate the spacecraft in posed environments. Many (but
not all) of the reference stills shown here were created directly from
these blend files.

About Massive Modular Rocket Pack:

Inspired by the earliest days of rocketry that led to the launch of the space race, this collection contains a number of historic-inspired
rockets from the 1930s and 1940s. In addition, the many modular pieces
allow you to create an endless variety of 1930s-1960s Pulp or Retro
Sci-Fi styled rockets. You can even build large, multi-stage, orbital

There are over 160 Pre-Built Rocket Prefabs included.

Historic Rockets Include:

* Congreve Rockets
* A1 / A2 / A3 Rockets
* GIRD-VII and GIRD-X Rockets
* A4 Rocket - More popularly known as the WW2 V-2 Rocket.
* A4 or V2 Bumper Rockets
* A9 Rocket
* Sounding Rockets

This MegaPack also plans to include future additions to the Space Age Invasion "brand." But please purchase based on what is currently available.

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