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This pack is supporting Gameguru Classic and Gameguru Max. All the textures are PBR. In addition, you could reduce the texture size to make the game faster and fast loading time (you will lose quality by reducing the texture size. You have to compromise).

(Important) The Building Industry pack is still under development and we will list all the items that need to be added. The current buildings might change and if you want to keep these buildings, download copies and save them separately. These are the items that need to be added:
1)  We will add 10 (10 Done) enterable building (internal building) because the 10 building we upload are only external building (Done)
2)  We will add pipes and tanks for fuel supply that will connect to most of the buildings (20 Pipes Done & 5 Tanks)
3)  We will create the roads (10 roads Done) and ground of the industries that are a bit higher than the road (2 Done)
4)  We will add electrical polls (low voltage(Done) and high voltage(Done))
5) We will add a construction crane (Done)
6) We will add different type of walls
7) We will add a couple of  different buildings to give you more options to create a good industry area (8 Done)
8) we will add more props to populate the scene (Done)

There are a lot of models and it will take time to fulfill the list. But we will work hard to fulfill all the models mentioned above. By purchasing this pack, you are supporting us to continue producing quality products for a reasonable price.

If you have any suggestions or any models that need to be added, please drop me an email at 
[email protected]

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9th Feb '21 05:53
It looks very nice, good job! First thing i said when i see the buildings was 'entereable?' and then i read yeah, its coming :D great stuff!

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