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Dress your medieval and fantasy levels with these high quality flags and banners. This pack contains 16 different styles of flag, several of which were created using realistic cloth simulation. Each style has two texture variants, a blue fleur de lys design, and a red and white lion design. If that wasn't enough, this pack also contains a 'dummy' entity featuring blank textures you can edit yourself to create your own flags! Simply import any of the flag_blank_ png files into your art package and create your own design, the stand comes pre-textures so you only need to worry about the flag design itself. 

flag_hanging01 - 593
flag_hanging02 - 575
flag_hanging03 - 391
flag_hanging04 - 393
flag_hanging05 - 468
flag_hanging45_01 - 504
flag_hanging45_02 - 355
flag_hanging45_03 - 378
flag_standing01 - 655
flag_standing02 - 657
flag_standing03 - 557
flag_standing04 - 559
flag_standing05 - 666
flag_standing06 - 507
flag_standing07 - 641
flag_standing08 - 600

(all are 4K pngs, but I recommend resizing them and compressing them when using them in your levels. They are simply presented in png here for maximum quality)

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