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This pack includes (03.04.2021):

- Poly World: Vietnam: Plants Vol. 1
- Poly World: Vietnam: Rocks Vol. 1
- Poly World: Vietnam: Props Vol. 1
- Poly World: Vietnam: M113
- Poly World: Vietnam: AK-47
- Poly World: Vietnam: M16Sp1
- Poly World: Vietnam: Terrain Vol. 1
-Poly World: Vietnam: Grass01
- Poly World: Vietnam: M14
- Poly World: Vietnam: US Soldier 01
Poly World: Vietnam: Props_2 Vol. 1

44 Plants: Banana plants, trees, palms, bamboo and other bushes.
11 Rocks
66 Props: Buildings, boxes, boats and many other scenery objects.
The iconic M113
2 Weapons: M16Sp1 and AK-47 (03.04.2021)
Added some grass.
Added a Weapon: M14
Added one US Soldier
Added 44 more props.

!! I will add one more Weapons and some soldiers to the pack. !!

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Artist nomis3D
Non-Pack Price $52.50
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