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Vallisneria is a genus of water aquatic plant, commonly
called eelgrass, tape grass or vallis.
The genus has 6-10 species that are widely distributed, but
do not grow in colder regions.
Vallisneria is a submersed plant that spreads by runners
and sometimes forms tall underwater meadows. Leaves arise
in clusters from their roots. Leaves are looking very
transparent; also, has very low amount polygons.
That is perfect for usimg seahorse background with
animation and waves.
Enjoy and fun with your games.


animated model aquatic plant coral reef eelgrass koi low polygons mangrove seahorse seaweed vallis vallisneria water water live

Product Details

Artist: Erart
Category: Grasses
Sub Category: Misc
Number of Sales: 38
Animated: Yes
PBR Support: No
Polygons: 72
LOD: 0
Texture Size: 2048x1024

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes


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