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This is a replacement for my original cobbled road as there was some issues with lining up. Thanks to Duncan Peck for bringing this to my attention. I have carried out several 'improvements' including multi-texturing resulting on a lower texture overhead, new textures, rounded corners. Additionally there is a longer length of roadway available in the store. I have put this up for free as I cannot figure how to include it although purchasers of the pack will find it in the new pack download.
As I understand it the new road models will go into a different directory to the old ones so you will still have the old ones available to you if you wish.
A length of cobbled road with a raised pavement. Please note this sale is of the roadway and raised pavement only. Buildings etc are available through the shop.


cobbles pavement road

Product Details

Artist: kencharleslong
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Scenery
Number of Sales: 13
Animated: No
PBR Support: No
Polygons: 26
LOD: 0
Texture Size: 512x512

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes


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