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This is a single Road or Sidewalk section that is part of the NightCity Reloaded Street System-
A collection of streets and sidewalks that works well with the buildings of the NightCity Packs as well as other building packs.
These buildings can exist in many genres from- Horror, Steam punk, Post Apocalypse, Modern Warfare,
a Private Detective story or any story you can dream up.
Purchase this Item as part of NightCity Reloaded Street System pack at a significant discount!


blocks city cobblestone floor nightcity road sidewalk street

Product Details

Artist: Disturbing13
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Scenery
Number of Sales: 12
Animated: No
PBR Support: No
Polygons: 12
LOD: 0
Texture Size: 1024x1024

Engine Support

The artist has indicated the following engines are supported, however with modifications most products will work in any engine.

GameGuru Yes


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