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Residential Homes and Dwellings 3D Model & Asset Pack for Game Guru.

Introducing the largest enter-able building model pack for Game Guru to date! This pack is huge, and contains more than ONE HUNDRED different residential houses, each with multiple rooms and stories for you to use in your games! Create awesome open world environments with these houses, place enemy’s inside or leave them empty to scavenge for items. The models are detailed, low poly and hand crafted. There are ten different base textures for these houses, and ten different layouts for these houses.

Single Story Houses:

There are 50 One story houses included in this pack. Each is unique in size and the number of rooms and square footage it has. Just drop in the editor and use the Fly camera to enter the house and populate with models and characters.

Double Story Houses:

There are 50 double story houses included in this pack. Each one has either one or many staircases that you can climb up in game and to the second story complete with more rooms and space to fill. Each room is open and can be used for your games! Houses ranging from small to very large.

100 House Assets
20+ Assorted house models
Stove, Kitchen ware, beds, furniture, rugs, fence, mailboxes, fireplace, refrigerators and more!
Doors and floor pieces
Textures: ALL Houses 4096x4096, most large entities are either 4096 or 2048
Specular, Diffuse, and Normal Maps included for each model.


abandoned buildings enterable explore home houses open plaster residential roof wall wood

Product Details

Artist: Valuable Assets
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Buildings
Sales: 2
Animated: No
PBR Support: No
Polygons: 4250
LOD: 0
Texture Size: 4096x4096

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes


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