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The script adds a Nazi Zombies-style debris for your project.
Clear the debris at the level for a money.
Version: 1.0
(For more money operations see my another scripts)

- common money system script v1.8
- script for debris ("debris_buy_nz.lua")
- script for invisible barrier ("debris_invisible_barrier.lua")

- Player can not squeeze through the debris
- Easily customizable debris settings such as: Cost [in script "money_system.lua", under string "-- Debris"], Interaction distance, Delay before debris will be destroyed [in script "debris_buy_nz.lua", under string "Script settings:"]
- Select: show money panel (border) or not. [in script "money_system.lua", under string "Script settings:"]
- Select player's start money [in script "money_system.lua", under string "Script settings:"]

How to use:
1) Add for the debris script "debris_buy_nz.lua"
(Set the object to staticmode = No)
(Is Immobile = Yes)
(If Used = Invisible barrier's name)

2) Add for the invisible barrier script "debris_invisible_barrier.lua"
(Set the object to staticmode = No)
(Is Immobile = Yes)

3) Add for any background entity: "money_system.lua", if you have not done this before.
Set the object to staticmode = No
Always Active = Yes

4) Debris must be named "Debris 150" / "Debris 250" / "Debris 350" / "Debris 450" / "Debris 550"
(You can change debris's cost in "money_system.lua" under the string "-- Debris")

If you liked the script, please leave a comment in my thread:


buy money cash nazi zombies debris barrier

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Artist: Acid
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Interaction
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