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The script adds ability to read the notes in style of RE4 for your project.
Version: 1.1
1.1 (17 June 2015):
- Added: activate "If Used" if player began to read the note
- Hide all huds when player reads the note

- Notes can not be readed through the wall
- During the checking - player and NPC are frozen
- 1 script for all notes
- Easily customizable notes and add your own
- Included 3 RE4-style notes
- Each note can have not more than 28 lines

How to use:
1) Add for the entity script "re4_notes.lua"
(Set the object to staticmode = No)
(Is Immobile =Yes)
(Sound0 = sound that plays until you read the note)

The notes must be named:
"RE4 Note 1" / "RE4 Note 2" / "RE4 Note 3"
Also you can add your own notes by analogy of script.

How to add your own notes (for example: Note 4):
1) In "function re4_notes_init_name(e, name)", under the string "--> Edit here:"
1.1) Copy the text block:
--> Note #1
--< Note #1
1.2) for each line do:
...'_1_1'... -> ...'_4_1'...
...'_1_2'... -> ...'_4_2'...
...'_1_3'... -> ...'_4_3'...
1.3) Edit text in default lines to your own
2) In "function re4_notes_main(e)", under the string "--> Edit here:"
2.1) Copy the text block:
--> For Note #1
--< For Note #1
2.2) Change: "RE4 Note 1" -> "RE4 Note 4"
2.3) Change: ..'_1_'.. -> ..'_4_'..

If you liked the script, please leave a comment in my thread:


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