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Search and Interaction - v1.2.a (8-24-15;- updated map and media 9/1/15)

Inspired by many other scripts, I needed a script that housed options and features for multi-purpose events and interactions with items and entities for a game I was designing. After completing this I decided to share it with everyone.

The "searcher" script is an all-purpose script for searching and interacting with items and entities in your game. Searcher allows UNLIMITED lines in a search and will allow you to configure an entity to be searched with many other options, including animation entities and restricted and locked entities. The script is 100% configurable and easy to manage.

There are unlimited uses for searcher as you'll see in the short video where I demonstrates a variety of the uses available within searcher, but not all.

The video begins with the player starting outside on a pathway leading to a ruined building. As the player approaches the doors he discovers that he was to meet his brother, Jake, to load wire spools. During the search of the doors, he realizes that Jake is late but suddenly realizes that he saw Jake's White Van parked outside the building. So Jake is there. The player then walks over to look inside the van. As he approaches the Jake's van he see Jake lying in a pool of blood, Jake's blood, under the front tire of the van. The player approaches Jake and searches his brother for any clues as to his sudden death. He finds the key to the Supply Room Doors and returns back to the doors to proceed into the building. Upon entering the building the player comes across the Floodlights and Generator. After carefully searching the Floodlight Generator he is faced with having to find a way to fix the generator. The player resumes looking around and stumbles across another room full of some trash and lockers. As the player searches the lockers he comes across a letter from Jake's girl friend, not a good letter by all means, but none-the-less the search continues. The player locates what appears to be Jake's lockers but the door to the locker, new I might add, are already bent. So the player needs to find something to pry open the newly, dented/bent locker door. The player resumes searching the room and finds a pile of trash and searcher it. Luckily he finds a small bent rod that just might do the job on the bent locker door. He returns to Jake's locker and bends the locker door open. Searching the the lockers he finds the schematics to the generator. The player then returns to the generator to attempt to fix the generator. After reading the schematics the player realizes the solenoid is stuck, in fact, Jake made mention of it in a note he left in the schematics the last time it happened. Good thing the player grabbed the bent bar. He taps the solenoid with the bar a few times and the solenoid become unstuck. The generator begins to purr like a cat again and the power has been restored!

All of this is doable now in GG, for the most part, but with a highly limited story-line and without all the extra interaction and search dialogues you can invoke with entities. Take a look at the video as well as the searcher_demo map included for more in-depth settings, etc..

I'm sure Searcher will give you what you need to add a little class to your game. All with highly configurable entity management and unlimited lines for interactions and multi-stage searches and story-lines in conjunction with locked states of searchable entities and unlocked states of those same searchable entities.

Also check out the version history(below) for some pretty cool things coming with a newer version of searcher that will be bundled with a few other new scripts.

-X- Unlimited lines in your searches and interactions
-X- Step through each search line using "E" Key
-X- Show all the text as a whole rather than "E" keying though it (good for paper, etc...)
-X- Show all the text of LOCKED and UNLOCKED - same as above; only shows the correct state
-X- Use of Restricted/Locked Items with separate text depending on locked state
-X- Activates the "ActivateIfUsed" property when search ended!
-X- Option to use the same search again or just one time (singleUse)
-X- Continuation message after each message when displayed with options
-X- Show animations w/searches if entity has animation(furniture drawers, chests.., etc...)
-X- Allow the player to walk away from an in progress search and re-start it by coming back.
Entity's settings
- Set: Static Mode = No (non animation items only)
- Set: IsImmobile? = Yes (all items)

Version History:
1.0 - 1.1:
-- Initial Release

1.1 - 1.2:
-- Will activate slot 0 sound when used/activated
-- Will activate slot 1 sound if silent when used/activated
-- Invoked the ability for the player to walk away from a search after starting. Doing so
will reset the current search like the player was never there...
-- Player is no longer frozen
-- AI is still frozen during your search!

1.2 - 1.2.a:
-- Added support for show_all locked state messaging; Can make a show_all entity have lockable
messages just like non-show_all entities.
-- Added support to show searches name with the search prompt, configurable for each entity

1.2.a - 1.3: ( TO BE RELEASED SOON! )
-- release 1.3 is super cool. not going to spoil the surprise, but it comes complete with newly
added support with entity_utilities, one of a few new scripts releasing at the same time
that will allow you to dictate parents and children entities with full control of both as
well as collectible items and requirements for those entities and items, and more.... and more...

Stay tuned!!

Again, all the configuration for the script is documented in the script ABOVE each setting.


search interact find entities seek result

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Artist: zrocweb
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Interaction
Sales: 95

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GameGuru Classic Yes


19th Aug '20 16:19
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@sweden - he made a tutorial map
19th Aug '20 16:19
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10th Nov '17 16:47
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I bought this code last night but i dont know how to sett it up, can you post a tutorial video on it. Please
24th Sep '17 18:32
Perfect for searching in survival games.
20th Aug '17 03:29
This user owns this product
Just got the script, looked through the tutorial, looked at the script and I gotta say that it is pretty freaking awesome!

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