Make your game more interesting by quests!

- Ability to easily create your own dialogues for quests
- Quantity of new quests is unlimited
- There are 3 types of quests: "collect objects", "destroy objects", "kill enemies"
- As an example, there are included 6 quests: 2 pieces of each type
- Easy to adjust colors of dialogue, indents, and rewards the player for the finished quests
- Support of the money system (other money operation see here:

Quest System contains 5 scripts:
- The script of a common money system v1.8 ("Acid\money_system.lua")
- The script of reward the player by weapons ("Acid\quest_reward_weapon.lua")
- The script for the enemies who must be killed ("Acid\quest_kill.lua")
- The script for items to be collected/destroyed ("Acid\quest_collect_destroy.lua")
- The script for the Quest Giver ("Acid\quest_giver.lua")
- And the Map - an example of using scripts ("Acid\quest_system.fpm")

Setting Up (video):

I. Editing scripts:
- Editable moments in the script, begin with "--> Edit (start):" and ending with "-- Do not Edit (start):" and ending with "--< Do not Edit (end)"

II. Changing parameters of scripts:

II.1 "Quest_giver.lua":
- Interaction Distance between the player and the quest giver (Interaction distance with the quest giver)
- Quest giver's name
- Player's name
- Left indent for text
- Left indent for player's and quest giver's names
- The required amount of X (found/destroyed items or killed enemies) to complete the quest Y(Necessary quantity for Quest Y: X)
- Colors of the dialogue: Names and text in RGB
- Text of dialogues in the function "function quest_text_select (e)"
- The amount of player's reward for each quest (-> Money reward for the quest:)

II.2 "Quest_collect_destroy.lua":
- Interaction distance (for "collect objects" quest)
- For the quests "collect objects" line:
if weapon_name [e] == "Crate" then
quest_number [e] = 1
represent: for the 1st quest to collect items are called "Crate".

- For the quests "Destroy objects" lines:
if weapon_name [e] == "Gas Tank" then
quest_number [e] = 6
represent: for the 6th quest items that must be destroyed are called "Gas Tank"

II.3 "Money_system.lua":
Show money panel: true / false
Player's start money

III. Setting up:
III.1. Quest Giver:
Script: "quest_giver.lua"

III.2. Collected/destroy objects:
The names by default:
"Crate" / "Part" ("collect objects")
"Barrel" / "Gas Tank" ("delete objects")
Script: "quest_collect_destroy.lua"
Is Immobile = Yes
Sound0 = sound which plays when picked up an object (for the quests "collect objects")
Explodable = Yes (for the quests "Destroy objects")

III.3. Enemies who must be killed:
Script: "quest_kill.lua"
Enemie's names must be in the form: Quest Kill X, where X - the number of the quest (example: Quest Kill 4)

III.4. Weapon - Player's reward for the finished quest:
Script: "quest_reward_weapon.lua"
Weapon's names must be in the form: Quest Weapon X, where X - the number of the just-completed quest (example: Quest Weapon 2)

III.5. Money system:
Script: "money_system.lua"
Is Immobile = Yes
Always Active = Yes

If you liked the script, please leave a comment in my thread:


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Artist: Acid
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Sub Category: Interaction
Number of Sales: 125

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