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Text intro (lines). The lines appears by one letter with the sound of typing, imitating typing. Lines of the text appear by turn.
Version: 1.0

- 4 lines for the intro
- During the intro the player is frozen

You can easily set [under the string "-- Script settings:"]:
- Typing delay
- Final delay for viewing all the lines

- Script for the intro
- Sound of typing ("Acid\typekey.wav")

How to use:
1) Add for the trigger zone script "Acid\intro_lines.lua"
(Sound0 = Sound of typing ("Acid\typekey.wav"))

If you liked the script, please leave a comment in my thread:


intro text lines type mission

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Artist: Acid
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Huds
Sales: 71

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GameGuru Yes


4th Jun '20 22:06
This user owns this product
Everything works correctly until it finishes to write messages on the screen, then I find myself in the nowhere and game doesn't go on...
5th Oct '18 11:25
This user owns this product
Good script! But I would like to use this on different levels and with a different text. I tryed to copy this script and change it name but it is not working?
3rd Jan '18 17:30
This user owns this product
some of these scripts are so ridiculously overpriced and they are so simple...
23rd Dec '17 03:41
This user owns this product
a great script, ty :)

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