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Create the scrolling final credits for your game in 2 minutes!
Credits begins when the player enters the trigger zone.

It includes 2 scripts:
- Skippable version (Press [Space] to skip)
- Non-skippable version

- Unlimited amount of lines
- Easy to set up the script for you: Just write your own credits and set the music
- While credits scroll, player is frozen
- While credits scroll, all the huds and weapon are hidden
- Level ends after the credits
- Also you can easy change the speed of credits scrolling [under the string " — Script settings: "]
- While credits scroll, music plays
- Editable moment (your own credits) is marked " —> Edit ..."

How to use:

Trigger zone:
1. Main script: "Acid\credits.lua" or "Acid\credits_skippable.lua"
2. Sound0 = music which plays while credits

If you liked the script, please leave a comment in my thread:


credits titles text lines author creator developer cast artists artist final roll scroll scrolling

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Artist: Acid
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Huds
Sales: 39

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GameGuru Classic Yes


17th Mar '21 08:25
Ola Nordmann hahaha :D SÅ norsk kan det bli ja.
26th Jun '20 22:40
This user owns this product
For some reason after the credits,I The player ends up at the bottom of water at a random part of the game world. Has anybody else had this problem?
30th Dec '19 14:38
Does this script skip the End.png?

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