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Old London Town Collection - Factories 3 times Wider Than Houses

This is part of a collection of factory fronts built along the same lines as my 'Alleys' models which these models compliment by creating a 'back' and 'front' area. They are low relief meaning they are approached by the player from one side and may be used to create a scene that the user will approach but not pass. Some models allows the player to enter parts of the building and all are AI friendly.

All the models click together so may be used to construct streets quickly (please see videos). Other models in the series allow corners in the street and the inclusion of shop models, houses ETC. The road shown in the video below is available in the Store and also uses the Grid to connect seamlessly.

Many models share the same texture files and are designed with a low poly count to maximize fps. As models are meant to be viewed from the front the removal of unnecessary polys is employed to maintain maximum fps.


factory building front

Product Details

Artist: kencharleslong
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Buildings
Sales: 0
Animated: No
PBR Support: No
Polygons: 536
LOD: 0
Texture Size: 2048x2048

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes


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