The script saves player's settings when player enters the special winzone and loads it automatically when the next level starts.
Video demonstration #2:
Script version: 1.2
- Fixed load data error

1.1 (25.01.15):
- Added Suppot of the Miniplayer:
Money System 1.9.1:
- Added Suppot of the Remote Bomb:
- Added Suppot of the Time Bomb:

It includes 3 scripts:
- Money System 1.9.1 (with load player's settings)
- Winzone with saving player's settings
- "Earn money by shooting targets" (for earning money demonstration)

Supported options:
- Player's money
- Player's health
- Player's lives
- Miniplayer & Cassettes:
- Damage Zone [bleeding]'s Healing Device:
- Remote Bomb:
- Time Bomb:

How to use:

Trigger zone:
1. Main script: "Acid\winzone_save_plr_settings.lua"

Any background entity:
1. Main script: "money_system.lua", if you have not done this before.
2. Set the object to staticmode = No
3. Always Active = Yes

Target entity (optional):
1. Main script: "money_target.lua"
2. Staticmode = No
3. Always Active = Yes
4. Is Immobile = Yes
5. Target must be named "Money 100" / "Money 200" / "Money 300" / "Money 400" / "Money 500"
(You can change rewarded money value [in script "Acid/money_system.lua" under string "-- Money"])

For settings reset delete the file "...\Game Guru\Files\acid.dat"

If you liked the script, please leave a comment in my thread:


player lives health system money load save

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Artist: Acid
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Misc
Number of Sales: 23

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GameGuru Yes

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LUA .lua


3rd Oct '18 12:01
Can this save items that the player has brought too

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