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This is a tile that can be set to safe or not, if left then the tile is assumed to not be safe to walk on and will take 33 health points off the player after 3 seconds, there is a warning so that the player knows when they are off the path.

To set the tile to safe all you have to do is set the name of it to 'safe', it doesn't matter if you have uppercase in the name as the script will sort this out.

To create a tile trap all you need do is mix and match the tiles until you have your trap shape and then decide which are going to be the path by setting there names to 'Safe' and voila'


Material: 2048 x 2048



trap aztec building tile

Product Details

Artist: Tazman
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Misc
Sales: 1
Animated: No
PBR Support: No
Polygons: 12
LOD: 0
Texture Size: 2048x2048

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes


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