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Wishing Well style with bucket collection for pouring into main collection basin.
Animated water shader and sound file for water sound.

This object consists of two separate objects using two separate textures, using two separate shaders.

You must place the water object on top of the fountain object.

The shader for the water is the scrolling texture shader from Bond1. Thanks,
The files are set to just drop in the editor. ****Set the fountain1water
entity to transparency=3 in the map editor, Water object should be
dynamic with immobile=1****

Fountain water sound from a script , with volume based on player distance. (script by Avram)
Script is commented for easy editing of the range for the sound to start.
Users may need to manually navigate to the sound file when first using
this model.

Water sound included. Original by me.


Product Details

Artist: Pirate Myke
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Scenery
Sales: 7

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes


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