The Lightning Shinobigatana + Scabbard pack is a high quality, ready to use ninja themed sword pack for serious action adventure and hack & slash projects (both personal & commercial). 

This pack consists of 7 Sprites in PNG format (Including Scabbard).

Each sprite is about 7.10 KB in size, making them performance ready out of the box (especially for mobile games).

Each sprite (except scabbard) is 305 x 74 (w x h), which gives you a higher quality source to work from. 

N.B.: The backdrop in the screenshot isn't included. 

Each item has been precision designed for maximum in-game quality, and has been tested in AGK V2.0.18.

Not only can each item be used individually, they can be assembled into a sprite sheet in order to create sword animations (e.g. weapon upgrades).  

Need to down-size the items ?

No problem. 

You can easily achieve this using any photo editing software of your choice. is highly recommended. 

Here is a tutorial on our blog: Tutorial

Please note that while the sprites contained in this pack can be re-sized to suit your projects needs, it is strictly prohibited to:

  • Change the color of the sprites.
  • Deform the sprites thereby making them unrecognizable. 
The full EULA?. 

Naming conventions

To reduce the amount of time spent typing, each sprite is named according to short alphabetic conventions with no capitalizations.

E.g. The Lightning Shinobigatana which consists of six sprites will be: ls1, ls2, ls3 e.t.c

The Lightning Shinobigatana Scabbard will be: ls_s

There are no restrictions on earnings, or on how many projects you can use these sprites.

You can also use them in any game development suite/engine of your choice (not limited to AGK). 

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Any Questions ? Suggestions ? Or general feedback ?

Please use the 'Contact us' box to the right of the blog.

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