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Gameguru Top down corridors

Quicklyassemble corridors from multi mesh entities, including walls, floors
and windows.This model pack contains every thing you need for that
epic space adventure.

The collection contains 191entities.
Texture size range is between 1024 x 1024 and 2048 x2048

Some polygon faces have beenremoved for polygon reduction.

While all buildings follow gridsnapping (pressing B key twice) some buildings aren't centered

Some entities have been named (part 1) and (part 2)for easy identification and assembly.
If an entity is rotated allentities forming part of said building will need to be rotated
exactly the same degree of rotating.

Before placing anyentity, it is recommended to place the entity on flat ground first
before placing the entity within the building to avoid the entity
snapping the height incorrectly.



Product Details

Artist: wizard of id
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Buildings
Sales: 0

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes


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