This is updated version of my original, black, Stockton guitar speaker cabinet (amplifier sold separately). The rear jack panel is not modeled in but is just a texture detail in order to keep the polygon count to a minimum. Please see the update below for complete details. 

2048x2048 D and N
1024x1024 S

May 11, 2017 UPDATE:
This model was previously only available in a pack. It can now be purchased on its own.

CHANGES: Several unnecessary polygons were removed and new details were added to other areas. Edges were beveled, top holes removed, and the feet were reduced to more simplified shapes. This brings the total poly count from 131 down to 63. The texture set was reworked and greatly improved. The Specular image size was reduced by 50%. What you get is a much better looking and much lighter weight asset. Positioning and size did not change, so transition should be seamless for anywhere you are already using this model, but minor offsets are always possible so be sure to check your projects.

NOTE: If you changed any of the original model's files and did not make copies to preserve the changes or the originals, your existing files may be automatically overwritten. Always make copies of originals and modified versions of your files before using them in a project!

Product Details

Name: 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
Artist: M Stockton
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Scenery
Number of Sales: 0


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GameGuru Yes

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DDS .dds
DirectX .x
May be cheaper as part of a pack


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