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UPDATED November 6, 2018.

This is a simple and very lightweight terrain system for aligning your objects or using however you see fit within GameGuru. It was built for the legacy terrain system in 2016. It is compatible with the new 16 texture system.


graph test normal flat plain basic prototype lines grid group

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Artist: M Stockton
Category: Terrain
Sub Category: Misc
Number of Sales: 12

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

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DDS .dds


MStockton Artist
29th May '17 18:48
I don't know the first thing about sudoku and I'm terrible at math so I'm not positive about what you're trying to do, but if this terrain helps you do it, it's very affordable and I'd be happy if you go ahead and buy it. Good luck!
29th May '17 16:12
Sudoku's after investigation show 5 billion options according to the net at 9x9 i don't know if this is for real but permutations being what they are, maybe it is so but if it is so then a 20 by 20 then a Dewey decimal system for objects with numbers gives a copyright able map plus a trillion maps legal then 20 maps per customer will be sold and if they want to make a new one (game) they must buy a second set. please check the number i didn't finish school and i was sick when they did this stuff in grade school and it is still the answer i get wrong on tests. i even have a map i made already.
25th May '17 21:04
hey i hate to do this to myself but if you can get pewdiepie or someone to make a commercial on these parameters you will sell one copy of the grid to everyone in the world. now here is goes.!!! using finished sodukus as a template with a randomizer you can take the art of game guru and make a map. how do you say number the buildings and trees by taking a screen shot and printing it the put in the numbers and use a randomizer to place your objects. then copyright best to be done in a lawyers office or U.S copyright office in case someone else already did it and then you can change it.
23rd May '17 22:18
can you make the roads piece click to your grid and the make us some new roads that fit the scale. i am trying to convert money to buy this and i need the roads and sidewalks to and may a couple of driveway types with some having curves in them. and if you make freeways we can push Lee Bamber into getting us some functional cars or bicycles or motorcycles.
23rd May '17 21:51
it has solved every problem i am having and i thank you! can we have it on steam!
23rd May '17 21:50
that is the most beautiful thing i have ever scene.

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