This library applies in various effects on AGK sprites and texts.
The effects are: FxTypeScaleX, FxTypeScaleY, FxTypePosition, FxTypePositionX, FxTypePositionY, FxTypeMove, FxTypeMoveX, FxTypeMoveY, FxTypeRotate, FxTypeSize
The use of the library is very simple:
First declare an object

myobject as _Object

It can be either a sprite or a text object
Then create the object

obj_Create(myobject, "pointer.png", objTypeSprite, thePointer.x, thePointer.y)?

then apply an effect

obj_FxScale(myobject, 1.5, 1.0, 2.0, TweenBounce(), 0.0)

finally in the main program loop update the object


For a more detailed example please run the attached demo
This library is designed for the percentage system and supported by the following files:
fx.agc, util.agc
The demo file is supported by the following files:
pointer.agc, keys.agc
All the above files are provided.


objects library code effects agk

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Artist: George
Category: AppGameKit Scripts
Sub Category: Game Code
Number of Sales: 1

Engine Support

The artist has indicated the following engines are supported, however with modifications most products will work in any engine.



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