This high quality art has been purpose tuned for building levels in game-guru.  Unfortunately there is some minor stretching so it does
require some playing around with the heights of the rocks involved when
doing vertical walls.  This is a result of the way the engine attempts
to override the texture.

This specific theme is a horror-based theme centering around a sort of hellscape with a combination of flesh, rust, burned wood, and black rock from the pits of hell :)

The textures included:
Default - Flesh with veins
1 - Wet intestines
2 - Wood ashes
3 - Rust
4 - Black rock facing


Bolt Action Gaming

Product Details

Name: 1024px HQ Gore Terrain
Artist: Bolt Action Gaming
Category: Terrain
Sub Category: Misc
Number of Sales: 2
File Size: Unknown

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

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