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Toonland Motor Company has been hard at work with the production of their new Rally Car that will add awesome detail to your Toonland Worlds!

While not a very low poly count, the model looks great in Game Guru even when on lowest settings.

Texture sizes:
  • D - 2048
  • N - 1024
  • S - 1024
  • I - 512

Tris:  3738

Update 21-11-2018: Adjustments made to smoothing.


toon rally car toonland cartoon vehicles cars

Product Details

Artist: Reliquia
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Vehicles
Number of Sales: 0

Engine Support

The artist has indicated the following engines are supported, however with modifications most products will work in any engine.

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

The artist has indicated the following file formats are included.

DDS .dds


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