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This is a First Aid Kit in red, with a white cross.

It comes with two two models:

1. An alternative first aid box (green with white cross) model, and a script that allows you to pick up a kit without using it, and store it for later.
2. A placeholder model, and a script to display an icon with the number of kits you are carrying, which allows you to use the kits later by pressing the V button (it also won't allow you to use the kit if you are at full health, and limits you to carrying 10 kits).

To use them, simply: 

2. Place the First Aid Kit HUD model anywhere on your level, and in properties change it to always active.
3. Place the First Aid Kit Model wherever you want it.

In the game the kits will be collectible by pressing E, and a display at the top of the screen will show how many kits you carry, pressing V will use a one of your stored kits.


first aid kit red free collectible

Product Details

Artist: Belidos
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Collectables
Number of Sales: 107

Engine Support

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GameGuru Yes

File Formats

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DDS .dds
LUA .lua
DirectX .x


14th Oct '17 20:57
Belidos Artist
23rd Jun '17 21:28
A quick video of how to use my free first aid kits, with additional instruction on how to adjust its features:


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