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When the sprint key is pressed, the FOV will expand and then go back to normal afterwards.

-Place an entity with static set to No
-Set the entity to always running
-Attach script to entity


sprint script key sprinting fov field of view

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Artist: Corrosion
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Misc
Number of Sales: 14

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GameGuru Yes

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LUA .lua


Corrosion Artist
20th Aug '17 03:06
The script expands your field of view slightly when holding down shift then returns to the default setting after
14th Jul '17 03:03
Any video to show the script in action?
Corrosion Artist
22nd Jun '17 15:38
AGENTE23, The script doesn't do anything like that as I have told you several times and it isn't meant to be used when aiming. Shift while aiming removes the aim position.
15th Jun '17 03:27
This user owns this product
I have a problem.
Whem i aim the weapon with this script, the weapon reload and shoot in slow motion.
But when i press SHIFT tu run, the weapon is in real time.
Corrosion Artist
4th Jun '17 22:33
it literally just expands the fov when you hold shift
22nd May '17 18:08
Video to show the script?

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