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Utility "NORMALIZATOR" is written to convert ordinary images into Diffuse, Normal ,Specular, Illumination and Height map.

If your version is out of date, simply uninstall the old version, download the software again and install the downloaded version -

Do not be afraid to lose your textures or projects, the files you created will not be deleted.

Here is the thread of the forum dedicated to this software -
Description for this software you can find in this message on the forum under the link -
Or download here -

Here you can download 10 test projects -

And one more video -


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Product Details

Artist: Oldpman
Category: Applications
Sub Category: Graphics
Number of Sales: 41

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

OS Version:

Windows 7


DirectX 9c

Disk Space:

30 Mb
Recommended Requirements

OS Version:

Windows 7


DirectX 9c

Disk Space:

30 Mb


11th Nov '17 12:44
This user owns this product

The software pante regularly.
Almost every operation.
At present, the software is not really usable ... Disappointed!
11th Sep '17 18:28
This user owns this product
Great tool OldPMan (How are you)
9th Jun '17 10:34
This user owns this product
Very good piece of software, however since you changed the GUi, totally unusable for me :(

Because of sight issues i have difficulties seeing different shades in one eye, the new GUI colours are Grey on Grey, and because of my sight issues all i am seeing is literally a big grey rectangle, making it totally unusable for me unless i close my right eye, which is not something i would like to do all the time.

Please at least change it back to white text on black so i can actually see the buttons to use them.
OldPMan Artist
2nd Jun '17 20:29
This user owns this product
Tanks. I will try, there is still much to do. Soon will be an update.
29th May '17 19:35
This user owns this product
Tried to like it but keep getting an error. great job.

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