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UPDATED October 5, 2018. Originally included only 4 Ogg files, all in Stereo. Now includes those four files in Mono and Stereo, and in both Wav and Ogg formats.

This is a set of four recordings of lake waves hitting the shore in Finland. Two of the tracks are of waves hitting heavy rocks and two are of waves washing up onto a sandy beach.

01-LakeRough01 (Approximately 31 seconds long)
02-LakeRough02 (Approximately 30 seconds long)
03-LakeCalm01 (Approximately 24 seconds long)
04-LakeCalm02 (Approximately 35 seconds long)

Each track has been edited to loop nicely. The preview sound includes the first ten seconds of each track and is not loopable.

Please note: I have attempted to keep these sounds as natural as possible while reducing as much wind as possible and the wind varies from track to track. With audio tracks like this, there is a fine line between removing wind and distorting the overall sound quality. Not only is removing all wind nearly impossible, but it also takes away from the reality of nature on a massive, open lake where the sound of wind is usually present.


lake river water ocean stream sea creek wave waves sound background environment atmosphere nature natural

Product Details

Artist: M Stockton
Category: Sound Effects
Sub Category: Atmospheric
Sales: 10
Track Length:
Bit Depth: 16
Sample Rate: 44100
Format: wav
Track Loop: Yes

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

OGG .ogg
WAV .wav


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