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Update 1/26/21: While additional work has been done on this project, it's a dated system on a dated engine.  I have lowered the price to reflect that.

Update 7/23/19: Haven't tested this with latest bugfix pack.  If you do encounter issues, open a ticket with me and I will resolve it as fast as possible.  That said, it should work flawlessly as little has changed that should affect it.

Update 1/01/19: Issues were all resolved by start of new year.

Update 9/18/18: Per a user report, I'm definitely seeing a problem with the new shader that wasn't happening before.  You will get shadows in the 'monster update' edition when using the 'PP' version of the weather effects.  I will investigate and once repaired get it updated.

Update 6/30/18: This initially had problems with the DX11/PP version of Game-Guru but these are since corrected.  If you encounter ANY issues with the product, either contact me on my blog or more preferably use the ticketing system here on the store.  Thanks!

Update 2/2/18 - I fixed the issues reported previously and have uploaded a new stable version.  The changelog on this page and in the bag_weatherfunc.lua will reflect fixes made.  Lots of bugfixes and some minor updates.  I also included some fixes for PP support for the weather effects though the demo map still doesn't work on PP because it calls the old ones.  However you can make it work by deleting them and putting in the new '-pp' ones.  Thanks!

This is my Time of Day control and weather system.  It includes all of the freely available weather systems made by algostep (his permission is given in the original links) and my own custom time of day system.

I will warn you now.  This time of day system is easy to use, but difficult to master.  It's built around having some functional knowledge of scripting as if you want to go outside of the bounds of what is available you need to have some idea of how LUA scripting works.

That said, the default configuration is designed to be relatively plug and play and I've done my level best to work with the code to annotate and comment on it so that it has the specific details necessary to determine what is done where.

The whole thing is written as a series of callable functions. So while it's available right out of the box to work very normally it is actually built for the advanced user in mind to call the functions as a library.  This allows COMPLETE control.
The main component of this is the interpolation system which will take existing weather/Time of day States and modify them to another state.

Please note this also uses the vectorial 3 library.  It's a free for use LUA library.  It is included with this download.

Please watch the youtube video enclosed to get a better feel for the product.
The map file includes several different methods of implementation for example purposes.

It does not affect sun position - it obscures it using fog mechanics.  Sun position is not included in gameguru yet.
Shadow position remains relatively constant so you'll want to not go with dark thick shadows as it will be a dead giveaway the sun isn't moving.

Basic use is as simple as placing a trigger zone and putting the bag_weather_func.lua file into the trigger zone.  Then modify the bag_weatherfunc.lua file variables to produce the delays you want for your transitions.

You can also directly modify the transitions themselves if you prefer to make your own.  Make a backup, if you do that.

This is a powerful system designed to give you the tools you need to create the effects you want within the limits of the GameGuru System.  Make a backup and don't be afraid to try new things :)

The weather systems were added in the newest rendition, as well as the ability to get a thunder sound effect during a rainstorm.
                There's a slight stutter on hour/cycle changes.  I'm unsure of what causes it or if it's even actually happening!
    02/12/2018    added specular effect for snow to give it whitish appearance for terrainobjects on highest values
                repaired broken build with files specifically from PP dev build of mine cross-pollinating live non-pp (DX9) build.
                updated test map file
                fixed/repaired time function(s), they sync to states now and also rollover seamlessly day to day
                fixed broken cycleloopcounter pointers which were still working in old code (singleuse/singlestate/etc).
                fixed bag_w_indoors script, huzzah!
                added 'pp' versions of the weather effects.  If they don't work, let me know the error you get. 

10/23/2017 - Secondary files updated.
  - Added div_int function for simple rounding and hour computation; drops the remainder.
  - Added additional documentation.
  - Cleaned up variable name for stupidloopcounter.  Now called cycleloopcounter. Changed all instances to reflect this.
  - Added functional global time value (TODclock) which can be checked by
   scripted entities that look at that time for determining a global 'in game time'. 
   Also does a 12 hour conversion to AM/PM format if chosen.
  - Fixed transitions to be 120 instead of 100, made the item a variable in the init section
  - Added comments reflecting all this.
  - Bugfixed lightning brightness issue.
  - Bugfixed issue with loop only working 11 times instead of 12 after first iteration of states.
  - Bugfixed time issues/TOD issues.
  - Tuned state colors to match time of day. Sunset is approximately 8pm. Very accurate transition.
  - Added a legitimate changelog, which you are currently reading :)
-- Updates for 8/10
 - Bugfixed shadows on weather on highest settings
 - Bugfixed fog affecting nighttime coloration
 - Added lighting flash controlled brightness
 - Added better weather decals
 - Added specular 'wet' effect during rainy periods.
 - Added free creative commons attribution 3 thunder - if you use it in a project you must provide attribution (see relevant license.txt file.)


fog dust advanced time of day tod weather snow rain

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15th Nov '20 23:28
This user owns this product
Am I wrong, or this doesn't work anymore in recent versions of GG?
30th Apr '18 20:07
As soon as I'm able. I unfortunately have a house full of sick people and just got back from a week out of town so it'll take a little time to catch up on changes made for the latest release.
29th Apr '18 13:56
This user owns this product
When will it be updated for latest version (after PP)?
5th Jan '18 19:31
FYI I contacted you back via your ticket but haven't heard back. The issue should be resolved.
If it is not, let me know.
19th Dec '17 13:44
This user owns this product
Hi there i just bought your code it works fine but the and bag_w_indoor.lua files are missing. Can you contact me as soon as you read this please

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