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This script will display text in the center of the screen for 5 seconds (easily changeable in the script) to display information, a title, or perhaps the game chapter.

How to use:
Set up a zone (trigger, story, whatever)
Assign the script to the zone
(Optional) Assign a sound to the zone
Name the zone what you want to display on screen


text help title display chapter info information

Product Details

Artist: Corrosion
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Misc
Number of Sales: 48

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

LUA .lua


10th Jul '19 09:41
Hi, is there enough room for more than one sentence? I'm considering buying this for story telling purposes. Thanks in advance.
Corrosion Artist
3rd Jan '18 17:13
DerpyDoo, because this uses a variable that becomes global, you'll need to make copies of the script so for example "screentext1", "screentext2" and then add the number in the script at the end of the variables to do that.

This is intended for one per mission but if you do that, it'll work perfectly. I think I helped Agente23 with that too.
31st Dec '17 08:22
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If I make multiple story zones with this script they all play at the same time when one is activated. How can I fix this?
Corrosion Artist
18th Oct '17 17:03
No problem! Thank you! :-)
18th Oct '17 17:02
This user owns this product
I am so silly
thanks, good script.
Corrosion Artist
18th Oct '17 16:43
Read the instructions above. They are right there like a few inches above your comment.
18th Oct '17 15:51
This user owns this product
where put my text in the script?

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