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Ever needed a bunch of scripts to make the flashlight in the engine a little more influential? Well, with this group of scripts, you can do that.

This includes 5 scripts and 3 sounds.
Basic Flashlight System (Need to find a flashlight with findable flashlight script to use it)
Basic Flashlight Sound System (Simply plays a sound when the flashlight button is pressed)
Findable Flashlight System (Makes it so the player needs to find a flashlight to use it)
Flashlight Sound System (With random flicker and die)
Full Flashlight System (With random flicker and die)

Basic scripts will do nothing more than play a sound when the flashlight turns on, make you find one, and check if you have one before turning it on and playing the sound.

Full scripts will do more than basic. They play a sound when the flashlight turns on, make you find one to use it, check if you have one before turning on and playing the sound, and they have a system that will make the light flicker and turn off every so often. The timeframe is easily customizable for this.

How to use:
0-Either plan to use the basic scripts together or the full scripts together
1-(Optional) If you simply want a sound to play when the flashlight is turned on, only use one of the flashlight sound systems that matches the main flashlight script you're using
2A-If you want the flicker and full flashlight system, set an entity up as the hub, to do this set an entity to static no, always active yes, assign the full flashlight system to it
2B-If you only want a basic findable flashlight system without flickering and dying, set an entity up as the hub, to do this set an entity to static no, always active yes, assign the basic flashlight system to it
3-(Optional) If you want the players to need to find a flashlight, set an entity up as a flashlight on the ground or something, set to static no, and assign the findable flashlight script to it
4-(Optional) Assign a sound effect for the flashlight turning on or off in slot 0 of the hub entity (first slot)
5-(Optional) Assign a sound effect in slot 0 for picking up the flashlight on the flashlight entity (first slot)


findable light script light flashlight

Product Details

Artist: Corrosion
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Interaction
Number of Objects: 8
Sales: 22

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

LUA .lua
WAV .wav


12th Sep '19 15:55
do you think you can had a battery drain system for it??.. this would complete the system
Corrosion Artist
1st Feb '18 14:49
It's pretty simple as is...
29th Jan '18 14:12
This user owns this product
Could you please make a better how to, make a video or something
Corrosion Artist
28th Aug '17 04:15
To clear things up, the random flicker and die means that it will randomly turn off the flashlight as if the flashlight died every so often. Batteries aren't needed, just simply flick it back on like a wind up flashlight or shake light.

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