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Animated ocean texture sequences, that loops and tiles perfectly.
  • Dark blue animated ocean texture sequence
  • Bright blue animated ocean texture sequence
  • 3 Normal-map sequence for different wave sizes
each sequence contains sixty 1024×1024 PNG images.

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ocean texture loop seamless normal map water tileable animated blue

Product Details

Artist: Jegerbrod
Category: Textures
Sub Category: Liquids
Number of Objects: 5
Number of Sales: 40

Engine Support

The artist has not indicated any out of the box engine support, however with modifications most products will work in any engine.

File Formats

The artist has indicated the following file formats are included.

PNG .png


Jegerbrød Artist
5th Dec '17 14:12
it can be used with everything that allows animated textures and normal maps :)
4th Dec '17 13:16
can i use it on Game Guru?

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