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This set of scripts allows you to have notes scattered in your game to build the story and give some atmosphere.

There is a NOTE script and a TABLET script, both the same script but notes are more old fashioned, the tablet script will fit in with more Sci-Fi and modern game settings.

I have included a few blank images for you to add your text to and a blank tablet image for that as well. 

2 sound effect are included for pick up and dropping of the notes. 

Each script has 3 variants, a left, right and centre, this is the screen position of the note. 

The best thing is that these notes can be hidden inside or behind other assets as it uses the raycast system, so you cannot pickup these through walls. 

Set these in your chosen note asset properties to:

Static Mode: no
Immobile: yes
Place pick up sound in audio slot 0
Place throw sound in audio slot 1

There are centre, left and right folders these contain the 000 note number scripts.

When you add the 001,002,003 etc you must re-save with the correct names

ie: note_right001.lua, note_right002.lua, etc

Don't forget to edit the init and function labels, and the file name of the loaded sprites in the lines to match.

note = LoadImage("scriptbank\\images\\_t1971_note_images\\000note.png")
001note.png") for note 1 etc

there are 2 of the above lines, for both note and tablet scripts. If you do edit and use these please work on a copy of the originals.  

UPDATE 1 - 08th October 2017.

New note sprites added, laptop and book.
Scripts for these are in the centre folder.
New sound for picking up the laptop.
Various coloured laptop sprite .png images included.
Demo map updated with new scripts in action.(Laptop used is in the Classics folder, the free DLC)


interaction note script lua

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Artist: Tarkus1971
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Interaction
Number of Objects: 3
Sales: 37

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

JPG .jpg
LUA .lua
OGG .ogg
PNG .png
WAV .wav


tarkus1971 Artist
31st May '20 08:36
This user owns this product
Just attach the script to a NON STATIC entity. Then the player will be able to pick up and read the note.
30th May '20 06:56
This user owns this product
I have a question. There is a prop that has the note texture? Where? I dont find it
18th Sep '18 09:36
This user owns this product
The same thing could be said about some of your scripts too corrosoin, for example the key/item pickup script "This code snippet will force players to press their use key in order to pick up a key or item instead of simply walking near it." fr keys that's exactly what the default script that comes with GG does, unless you're leaving some additional info out of the description for your script.
16th Apr '18 20:35
There are several of these that are totally free... 10 dollars is very overpriced in my opinion for this as I have made one of these too and it's not hard...
23rd Dec '17 03:39
This user owns this product
a really helpful and great script, super!! ;)
15th Dec '17 19:04
but i am a beginner, i wonder how it works if you made it advanced user knowledge, how can i use it?.
8th Nov '17 14:52
This user owns this product
Great scripts, easy to customize!

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