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This script allows player to swim across narrow rivers. However spending too much time in water depletes stamina and makes player drown. To swim faster, press Shift key while swimming, but bear in mind that this makes the stamina deplete faster. This script is currently compatible with 1st person mode only.

How to use:

1) Place an entity to a map
2) Set the AI System:Main to Moshroom\swimming_global.lua
3) Set the Static Mode boolean to Off, Alway Active to Yes and IsImmobile to Yes

How to edit the amount of Stamina:

1) Open Moshroom\swimming_global.lua with Notepad
2) Find line 6 and change value of C_STAMINA_MAX constant (default = 40)

NOTE: This script may conflict with existing or future implementations of a similar feature provided in the core product, and users are recommended to research any existing functionality provided before purchasing this script.


survival swimming stamina

Product Details

Artist: Moshroom
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Misc
Sales: 30

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

LUA .lua


Moshroom Artist
16th Jul '18 14:28
Sorry for later response. The camera is locked in the swimming mode because that was the only way I was able to make it work. If you still have problems with the script (or other scripts) please contact me (or whoever wrote the script) through the Contact Artist button in my artist page, so we can troubleshoot.
8th Feb '18 19:47
This user owns this product
I dont work for me anymore, it just flicker the stamina hud
2nd Feb '18 21:44
This user owns this product
Is there a way to do so i can look up and down to?

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