A set of 8 Health Pickup items in the form of rectangular zipper cases. This set uses a single model with 8 FPEs and 8 Texture Sets. Use them as they are, adjust the health amounts by color, or feel free to use them with any health script you want. 

All kits are marked with "FIRST AID" and a cross. NO RED CROSSES.

The items are attached to the default health script and sound.

The FPEs are currently set to give 100 health upon pickup. This number can be easily adjusted. See all screenshots for an example.

62 Polygons.
Box collision by default.
1024x1024 D & N
512x512 S
DDS Textures.
Users can further reduce the texture sizes if desired.

Uploaded November 5, 2017

Product Details

Name: MedKit Collection
Artist: M Stockton
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Collectables
Number of Objects: 8
Number of Sales: 1


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GameGuru Yes

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DDS .dds
DirectX .x
This is a collection of assets


consumeable consumable heal health collectable collectible up pick pickup pack kit firstaid box aid first medicine medical

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