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This is Bolt-Action Gaming's Light Kit for Game-Guru.

It is designed to take full advantage of the severely limited dynamic lighting system built into Game-Guru by allowing script controls of multiple lights in a level and giving them various effects.  These are designed around the amateur user but can be readily modified by the advanced user.  Installation and function is extremely simple.  Applicable scripts include a player distance checker to disable their function past a certain distance to reduce incidence of errors.  Remember, Game-Guru as of this date (11/12/2017) only supports *3* dynamic lights running simultaneously.  My example level uses approximately 40, but the script ensures that they are not active all of the time.  Static lights do not impact this at all.

Scripts included:
Single strobe, blinking regularly
Single strobe, blinking intermittently (useful for candles, firelight, etc)
Two alternating strobes (suitable for police vehicles) (not shown in video).
A 'lightzone' - a trigger zone that enables a light when entered.
A 'multi' light zone, lights up 3 lights simultaneously
A 'sequential' light zone, lights up to 3 lights in sequence.  Can be set to repeat or to keep them lit/unlit.
"Chasing" light zone - a single light that moves along a set sequence.
A regularly blinking strobe light zone of 3 strobe lights
A intermittently blinking strobe light zone of 3 strobe lights.

tutorial video here: https://youtu.be/8hKfhiVLF1s


dynamic light light kit lua scripting advanced lightkit script dynamic light lighting

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Artist: Bolt Action Gaming
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Misc
Sales: 48

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GameGuru Classic Yes

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LUA .lua


27th May '19 20:23
This user owns this product
Nice pack! Thank you
29th Jan '18 15:19
Thanks, glad you're finding them to your liking :)
26th Jan '18 18:13
This user owns this product
Works very well. Very happy with these scripts.

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