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Created by Tarkus1971

Not free, but only $.99. 

This was created a long time ago, but is still a very playable game.  

WARNING: This was made before even save game was implemented, but once you know where to find things you can complete in a couple of hours. Enjoy. 

Saviour is a visual and audio experience created in GameGuru.

You find yourself alone and being told you must complete a mission to find the last GRoWTH DNA elements of a failed race of beings.

These GRoWTH DNA elements must be found and returned to the creator to restart the million year experiment again.

This will be the 4th time such an experiment has been tried, the last, the 3rd experiment was the most successful, but the need to remove the self destruction tendencies of this race will have to be worked on.You must explore the last outpost, traverse the high platforms and high level maze of Base World 4 and complete the mission.

Tips.Make sure you read the "About" section before you start.Pen and paper essential to write down the door codes.Keypads only function using the numeric keypads on your computer/laptop.Search carefully.

The level 1 outpost is small but debris is everywhere. Level 2 platforms are everywhere, running jumps on some too.

Use the flashlight when outside. "F" key.Most of all enjoy the game, and its bleak atmosphere.


dark game gameguru horror adventnure saviour

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Artist: Tarkus1971
Category: Games
Sub Category: Adventures
Sales: 23

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

OS Version:







Any Nvidia or AMD



Disk Space:


Sound Card:

Any DX9
Recommended Requirements

OS Version:

Window 10






Any Nvidia or AMD



Disk Space:


Sound Card:

Any DX9 or DX11


tarkus1971 Artist
30th May '20 09:29
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oHmAi - What are your system specs.. there is no other download link I'm afraid. I know the 1st or 2nd time it might give error, but it's working here. Hope that is of some help.
28th May '20 23:27
This user owns this product
Hello. I had purchased the game but when installing, it gives me error. Can you give me another donwload link ?
11th Sep '19 23:11
but the game give the full access to the source code too?
tarkus1971 Artist
6th Jan '18 17:42
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Sorry you are having problems running the game.

I can suggest turning off anti virus and firewall. Download the zip file again as you may have a corrupted zip. Extract THEN run the .exe file, do not run from inside the zip.

Do on ALT-TAB while any other programs are running.

Close all other programs running. Before you run the game.

Hope that may be of some help. Sorry for the late reply,

30th Dec '17 16:55
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I can't get it to go past the loading screen with the music. To be clear its the little box that pops up when you click the exe. It just sits there I had a progress bar the first time, it sat there in the middle for an hour, I stopped it and tried a second time and now its sitting there same box, no progress bar music playing. Nice music, BTW. My computer specs: Intel Core i7-6700 -3.4Ghz - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970-4GB - Windows 10 64bit. Running at 1920 x 1080 Suggestions?
tarkus1971 Artist
30th Dec '17 10:17
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There have been a lot of changes other than save/load since this version was made. I have tried a re-compile but there are a lot of errors, missing entities, and a lot of code would need to be added as variables only save if they have to have the g_ prefix to them. Also I would need to add hundreds or lines to the save/load routines to hide/spawn and alter collision variables for doors after the player re-loads.

That's why the game is only $0.99

A pen and paper will help get you through the 1st level.

Hope that helps a little. Thanks for purchasing.

22nd Dec '17 12:07
Why don't you update with Save/Load feature?
It would just be a rebuild&go.
tarkus1971 Artist
17th Dec '17 09:56
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Some screenshots are on my forum post in Showcase section.


Game best played at 1920x1080 resolution.

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