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UPDATED January 28, 2019. Textures are now PBR and two padlocks have been added.

8 closed padlocks
3 keys
2 closed latches

See all screenshots for color examples. The locks come in two styles. One is smooth and the other has a grooved body. Please note that the grooves are accomplished with the Normal map.


This set uses three .X files. One for the keys, one for the locks, and one for the latches. Collision is off by default. Keys are set to dynamic by default.

Textures sizes range from 256x256 to 1024x1024 depending on detail needs.
Textures can be further reduced by the user if desired.


copper gold silver gate pad fence safe hatch latch combination door key lock

Product Details

Artist: M Stockton
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Misc
Number of Objects: 11
Sales: 10

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

DDS .dds
DirectX .x


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