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14 motion capture tracks, including script for your game, ready to embed !
Download, compile and run in AGK.
You can cut any movement you like by choosing first frame and last frame.
Upload App Game Kit player to your android phone and look at all movements.
You can zoom in, zoom out and rotate camera over the model.
If you want to upload movement to your game, copy code, put comment to tracks you don't use in animdata.agc and play only frames you need in sub InitAnimationsw.
To change track, press on name of the track at the bottom of the screen.


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Product Details

Artist: risecreature
Category: AppGameKit Scripts
Sub Category: Game Code
Number of Sales: 2

Engine Support

AppGameKit Yes

File Formats

AppGameKit Code .agc
JPG .jpg
OBJ .obj
PNG .png


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