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Place invisible walls in areas you do not wish the player to go.

If the player tries to pass the invisible wall, a message will prompt saying that "You Cannot Go That Way".

UPDATE (8/5/2020):

This script is now an entity!
Location: entitybank\Purchased\Teabone\Invisibile Wall


When you select the invisible wall to place in your scene, you will not actually be able to see the wall. There will be a white arrow to help you locate it once placed on your map. You can scale the invisible wall by clicking on the arrow and clicking "scale". You can also rotate the invisible wall by rotating the white arrow.

This script cannot_go_that_way.lua requires utillib.lua to work. You should have this script by default.


border cannot script wall

Product Details

Artist: Teabone
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Interaction
Number of Objects: 2
Sales: 40

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

DDS .dds
LUA .lua
DirectX .x


Teabone Artist
20th Aug '20 22:33
The message "You Cannot Go That Way" is displayed to the top right of the screen, when colliding with the invisible barrier.
Teabone Artist
20th Aug '20 22:32
Hi Corrosion, the raycasting between the player and entity will not work with the stock Invisible Wall. Because the entity must not be using Hide(e). This entity provided will return raycasting at ANY part of the entity no matter how large or small it is reshaped; given the player is facing the direction of it. This means you could stretch it a mile across and the message will still display at both ends; As opposed to just simply assigning a radial check with an Invisible Wall which would only display the text within the core, outward. This script uses raycasting and not just player distance.
20th Aug '20 01:37
There are invisible walls in the stock assets. This one shows a message though?
Teabone Artist
5th Aug '20 06:14
Hi everyone, this script has now been updated. It is now an entity! You can locate it in your entitybank in the folder called Teabone. Its called "Invisible Wall". When you place this entity in your map it will come pre-scripted. You won't be able to visibly see the wall in your map, however there will be a white arrow pointing to it. You can scale and rotate this arrow to adjust the invisible wall.

This update was made so that ANY part of the invisible wall the player bumps into will now display the text "Cannot Go That Way" as opposied to only its center, which was previously the case.
3rd Aug '20 07:54
This user owns this product
It works, but no message. Do I need to edit something else specifically to make the words appear?
11th May '20 08:03
This user owns this product
The script works but it does not say "You Cannot Go That Way" and I used the "cant_go_that_way.lua" script in my gameguru scriptbank folder
21st Sep '19 22:02
thanks Mr-T--- I was looking in your folder but insted it was in the scriptbak root.. my bad
Teabone Artist
21st Sep '19 15:57
Hi JC Leon its called "cant_go_that_way.lua". in your scriptbank folder.
21st Sep '19 00:06
i cannot find the script.. only invisible wall object in entity bank and works fine but i never got the message "You Cannot Go That Way".where is the script?
30th Aug '19 13:20
Tested and works well, Nice script.
9th Sep '18 09:01
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