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There are three (3) versions of this AI script:
1 - Basic Enhanced
2 - Super Enhanced (Advanced)
3 - Ultra Super Enhanced (Most advanced)
Please be sure to read their changes to find the one that's right for you!

As some of you know, the AI isn't amazing in GG.

Some of you also may know that I have heavily modified the existing AI to be MUCH more dynamic and realistic... and better, if I do say so myself.

My version of the AI gives all of the standard AI scripts (ai_soldier, ai_zombiewalk, ai_fastzombie, etc):

-Better and CONSTANT pathfinding to the any NPCs (non player characters)
-Self unstuck system (they will continuously try to get themselves unstuck)
-A sound effect to play whenever they are shot/hit in the head (a nice splat) - (the sound IS included)
-Personal "bubbles" - to avoid the player and AI getting stuck inside each other due to physics malfunctions
-Removal of snap-shooting (they now react in an appropriate, realistic time)
-A basic stealth system - Hearing is improved, alert system for combat (so the AI doesn't just stop reacting like nothing ever happened), a small radius around them (about 3 feet/1 meter) where they will instantly know where the player is (but beyond that, you can sneak up to them and melee them)
-Headshot damage setting - no longer do headshots instantly kill, instead they do +50 extra damage
-Improved melee system (for both melee only enemies and human enemies with guns)
-Constant aggression system to keep the AI reacting in combat
-Several various bug/glitch fixes
-More that I can't think of

If you want to sample the script before purchasing, I may or may not be willing to do that. Ask me via email at [email protected] and I'll let you know one way or the other. It really depends on the circumstances.

This purchase will give you unlimited access to use the script in any sort of project - commercial or just personal use. It comes with 2 scripts, the module_combatcore (main) script and module_combatshoot (to update human - gun using enemies)

-Make sure the headshot sound is always placed in the filepath "audiobank\corrosion\headshot.wav"
-(If you plan to export your game as a standalone) Make sure that you place a sound zone somewhere on any map included in the standalone and assign the sound effect to be the headshot sound (so that it exports properly)
-(You should create backups of the standard (stock) module_combatcore and module_combatshoot)
-Copy the files module_combatcore and module_combatshoot from "scriptbank\corrosion\" and place them in "scriptbank\ai\"

Your AI will now be awesome.

You can always change certain aspects back to the original if you don't like something like for example: the headshot damage change. You can do anything you want with the script BUT MAY NOT RESELL IT. YOU CAN USE IT IN COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS THOUGH. JUST DO NOT RESELL THE SCRIPT ITSELF.


enhanced ai corrosion

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Artist: Corrosion
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: AI
Number of Objects: 3
Sales: 33

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

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LUA .lua
WAV .wav


Corrosion Artist
19th May '19 17:16
There are three (3) versions of this AI script:
1 - Basic Enhanced [LINK REMOVED]
2 - Super Enhanced (Advanced) [LINK REMOVED]
3 - Ultra Super Enhanced (Most advanced) [LINK REMOVED]

Please be sure to read their changes to find the one that's right for you!
Corrosion Artist
30th Sep '18 16:20
I wasn't trying to sound rude by the way. I just get so many people emailing me and questioning me about this and it's literally all above in the instructions already.
Corrosion Artist
30th Sep '18 16:18
You don't select anything new in gameguru. Everything is done in the file explorer on your machine. Please stop with commenting until you actually read the instructions fully. It works for everyone else so it must be user error, right?
30th Sep '18 14:17
This user owns this product
sorry for all comments, now it works... but when i have more objects placed in the scene, the zombies turn around and try it to find me but walking far from me.... And the fast zombie still stucking in all places like the default ai.
30th Sep '18 08:15
This user owns this product

I apply all the files correctly, then within gameguru, I select the combatcore script in the artificial intelligence of the zombie and when testing the game, the zombie stands still without moving.
30th Sep '18 08:03
This user owns this product
Hey i put the combatcore in any zombie and they doesnt move!
Corrosion Artist
25th Jul '18 16:44
Gman80, it works with the normal ai scripts (normal npcs) and it may work with some of the custom npcs if they are based on the regular ai since this replaces that.
20th Jul '18 19:56
doesn't this script work on every NPC?, or does it work on only GameGuru's normal NPC's like the medieval ones, and the normal modern soldiers, or does it work on other NPC's like BSP's and Gtox's NPC's?
Corrosion Artist
16th Jul '18 22:19
Wait, what ai (character) are you trying to use this on???
Corrosion Artist
16th Jul '18 16:45
Then re-read it.
12th Jul '18 14:34
This user owns this product
I already did everything as said in the description.
Corrosion Artist
28th Jun '18 17:31
Read how to use it please before posting comments. No, you can't just apply it to them. That's not how it works. This is why I have a description detailing exactly how to use it.
15th Jun '18 23:15
This user owns this product
The AI doesnt move then the script is applied to them?
Corrosion Artist
28th Mar '18 20:53
These are combat scripts for hostiles.
24th Mar '18 18:53
Are there AI scripts for friendlies and/or peasants/civilian?
6th Mar '18 02:12
Hi Corrosion

Seems ver ynice. One question: are the bots talking by "PlayCharacterSound", using the "SetCharacterSound"?
Corrosion Artist
6th Feb '18 03:18
It does what it says. No video necessary.
5th Feb '18 00:50
Would it be possible for you to make a video of this?
Corrosion Artist
26th Jan '18 18:42
Thanks Holden!
26th Jan '18 18:11
This user owns this product
Excellent upgrade to the stock scripts, highly recommended.
@Belidos floor zones work as normal. the scripts don't affect the way they work as far as I can tell.
23rd Jan '18 23:41
This user owns this product
OK i'll check it out when I get a chance and let you know
Corrosion Artist
23rd Jan '18 17:18
I'm honestly not sure, I've never used the floor zones before. I don't see why they wouldn't. I didn't mod anything with that.
23rd Jan '18 17:15
This user owns this product
Looks good.

Quick question:
Does it still work with floor zones? ie when you place a floor zone, normal AI will only move around in that floor zone and won't go beyond it, if i place an AI with this script on a floor zone will it still do that?

If so it will be great for pavement scenes, place a floor zone on the pavement and they will walk up and down the pavement and avoid you while not going into the road.

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