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This is Bolt-Action Gaming's Camera Kit for Game-Guru.

Camera use can be difficult in the best of circumstances.  Now with my camera kit system all you have to do is position a camera, pick an object to aim it at, and choose the script(s) needed to perform the function you want!  Ideal for cutscenes, security monitors, cameras, and the like.  They track objects as well, even physics enabled ones.  This is designed out of the box for MINIMAL code knowledge (really!) and to be easy to use for anyone.
Scripts included:
A timed proximity based camera
A keypress activated camera (single camera)
A multi-camera configuration which allows an infinite number of cameras viewing a single target point.  This is a three script component consisting of:
  • A camera initiator
  • A camera 'stand' which positions one of the myriad of cameras you want
  • A camera target
There is also a 'simplecam' script which immediately dumps a user to a camera.  It's designed for testing or if you want to modify for your own purposes.
Lastly I've thrown in a 'get entity id' script to help those having difficulties finding an entity's id.


bolt action gaming gameguru game guru camera script camkit camera kit kit lua lua

Product Details

Artist: Bolt Action Gaming
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Misc
Sales: 41

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

LUA .lua


24th Oct '20 19:22
This user owns this product
These script are amazing
22nd Feb '18 16:47
This user owns this product
Superb scripts, easy to use, lots of fun to. Fantastic for hiding rooms away from the player and having to use camera to look inside rooms. Amazing stuff. Great value for only $3 too.
20th Feb '18 19:01
Glad it's already saving you some time and seeing some use.
20th Feb '18 17:53
This user owns this product
Fantastic. 3 dollars on sale just saved me hours of editing a planned cutscene. This is really great! Thanks!

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