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With the Randomized Sound System, you can set up different entities as "hubs" that will play random sound effects while you're playing your game!

The system includes 2 variants of the script. The first is for playing sound effects that will play from different 3D locations on the map (the sound will play relative to your location, and the second version will play the sound effects in a non 3D format. There is a randomized timer (between 1 minute and 5 minutes in length) that will play the sound each time the timer is up and then reset it and select another random time limit.

How to use:
Place an entity
Assign either of the corrosion_random_sound_system scripts to it
Set the entity to always active
Set it to dynamic yes
Select up to 5 different sound effects and place them in the sound slots for the entity
(You can do this several times for many different sounds to play on a level)

Your game is now much more immersive, dynamic, and interesting with random sounds playing at different times of play!


misc random script sound

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Artist: Corrosion
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Misc
Number of Objects: 2
Sales: 23

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

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LUA .lua


Corrosion Artist
16th Nov '20 13:57
Try setting the timer setting to 1 to 3 seconds, fill in all the sound slots, and I guarantee it will work if you've set it up properly. Silence[e] = math.random(1000, 3000)

Others have confirmed that it works and I just tested it and can happily say it is working 100%
Corrosion Artist
16th Nov '20 13:52
Yes it does. You must have either set it up wrong or didn't wait long enough for it to trigger. Please post exactly how you set it up, any modifications you made, and what you have tried.
4th Nov '20 17:15
Dont work, even the example
10th May '18 08:42
This user owns this product
Thanks for explaining :) That helps !
Corrosion Artist
5th May '18 23:34
If you wanted to make it 30 seconds, it would be 30000. 15 seconds would be 15000. 5 seconds would be 5000.
Corrosion Artist
5th May '18 23:33
It's okay. :-)

The line: "silence[e] = math.random(60000, 300000)" is what makes it wait between 1 minute (60000) and 5 minutes (300000). 3 minutes would be (180000).
5th May '18 19:50
This user owns this product
I mean, what values are valid ones? The changes I did caused the script to not work properly..
5th May '18 19:49
This user owns this product
After a series of tests, I can confirm that it works. How can I lower the amount of time that has to pass bevore a new sound plays?
I apologize for previous comments and want to thank for this script.
Corrosion Artist
5th May '18 19:49
It does take between 1 to 5 min for each sound to play unless you change the time.
5th May '18 19:34
This user owns this product
Then I will gladly test it again. I will be the first to revert my thoughts and change my mind !
Corrosion Artist
5th May '18 19:32
It works. I promise. I just tested it.
Corrosion Artist
29th Apr '18 02:24
And it's random between a minute and5 minutes

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