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Please note: This package is for UNITY. A GameGuru version of this package (largely, but not entirely consisting of the same items) is separately available on this site. 

This package was compiled in Unity version 5.5.4 but was tested in both Unity 2017 and Unity 2018.

Does your game include experiments gone terribly wrong? Lab creatures run amok? Science fiction? A historical, vintage, or steampunk setting? Trips through aging engine & boiler rooms? Creepy warehouses that might benefit from old industrial equipment? Chemistry equipment? Unsettling castles? Dungeons? Tesla coils? Lots of Tesla Coils? Then this is the pack for you! The items in this pack are first and foremost designed to bring any mad scientist's laboratory to life, but many of the items included are useful in a broad range of environments. 

Many items in this pack contain alternate designs, associated decals, or modified textures. In addition to item's default materials, many multi-use materials are included in order to make it easy to swap out the textures on floors, walls, ceilings, rugs, tapestries, and some other objects.  Some architectural elements use multiple materials in order to allow you to easily mix and match textures as well.

This package includes 330 + prefabs, to assist you in customizing an environment that is your own. In addition to these prefabs, a demonstration scene of a portion of the Mad Scientist's castle and lab is included to help you understand how pieces can fit together. The packs prefabs and the items in the demo scene have colliders already attached - so if you import Unity's standard assets and drop in the default FPS controller - or one of your choice - the scene is fully equipped to be explored in first person.

This package is 100% PBR, with all items having albedo, metallic, roughness/smoothness, and normal data. Most objects also have ambient occlusion data and a few materials have height maps as well. Most items have albedo textures of 2048x2048. Metallic and smoothness textures are sometimes smaller to reduce overall package size.

Build the ill-fated science experiment of your dreams!

This package comes as a zip file containing a Unity package.

The vast majority of the models in this package are in .fbx format, but a few are in .obj

Please note: The lighting in the included demo scene works best if your scene camera is set to "deferred" render mode. But the items included in this pack are compatible with "forward" rendering. 


stone lightning controller rugs technology wireless hands jars brain in jar ray gun cobwebs lamps equipment chemistry operating table books stained glass laboratory research lab experiments electricity retro-future future underground retro dungeon lair castle jacobs ladder control panel boiler steampunk steam punk antique vintage coil tesla science mad mad scientist operations destruction destroyed phone mansion hallways stairs tables test tube opulent plasma stools chair

Product Details

Artist: Mad Lobster Workshop
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Scenery
Number of Objects: 330
Number of Sales: 0

Engine Support

The artist has not indicated any out of the box engine support, however with modifications most products will work in any engine.

File Formats

The artist has indicated the following file formats are included.

AutoDesk FBX .fbx
OBJ .obj
PNG .png
Unity 3D .unitypackage


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