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Uploaded June 9, 2018

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A pair of animated Jack In The Box models with an included script, audio files, and PBR textures. By default, they will begin to animate and play their sounds as you approach them. Can be used however you wish, but I recommend you experiment with them to get the best results for your scene.

The audio files are 100% original. Still, you may wish to replace them with something you prefer.

Textures are 1024x1024 and 2048x2048. You can safely reduce them if desired. I have left them large in case any user wants to scale the models up without losing any detail.

Note that the doll is detailed, requiring a high amount of polygons for its size, again to allow for scaling up if desired. The total count is 2336, triangulated.


animation scare horror doll clown toy

Product Details

Artist: M Stockton
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Interactive
Number of Objects: 2
Number of Sales: 5

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

DDS .dds
LUA .lua
WAV .wav
DirectX .x


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