UPDATED February 15, 2019.

20 textures for use with GameGuru's terrain painter and other texturing tools. Includes various types of tile floor textures, primarily for worn indoor areas, and many are equally useful for outdoor scenes. 

Please see all images for more details on the included textures and their tile sizes compared to a default GameGuru barrel. This set includes improved versions of pieces from the original set and many more new pieces. Several colors, patterns, and sizes.

You can change the texture sizes, file formats, and appearance if you wish to do so and have the right software for the task. These textures can easily be recolored and have other adjustments made to customize them for your needs.

This set only includes Diffuse and Normal textures with the Specular information contained in the Alpha channel of the _D textures.
Diffuse textures are 2048x2048 png files.
Normal Maps are 2048x2048 in dds format.

There is no requirement or recommendation on how you use this set. You can move the textures around to find the best combination for your level design, and you are equally free to mix and match these with textures from other sources. By default, you will not always get a perfect blend between one texture and the next. You must be familiar with how the terrain painting system works in order to get the most out of any terrain textures you use. As always, take your time with it, experiment, and find out which pieces work best with your models and lighting. Also keep in mind that what you see in the editor may not perfectly match you see in-game, so test and experiment thoroughly!


tile cement concrete sidewalk floor ground

Product Details

This terrain supports the GameGuru 16 terrain texture painter.

Artist: M Stockton
Category: Terrain
Sub Category: Misc
Number of Sales: 14

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

DDS .dds
PNG .png


27th May '19 20:43
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Very nice set of textures. Thank You!

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