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This script creates and NPC who talks and who can be interacted with. With this script, you can create straight-forward conversations and advanced dialogues containing questions with up to 3 user-defined answers. The script set contains some simple pre-set example conversations ready to use out-of-box, but in order to make use to it properly, it is recommended to have a basic knowledge of Lua. If not, please at least read carefully the instructions found in this description and the provided Lua files. Please also watch the video attached so you'll know what you'll get. 

How to use:

Background processes

1) Place any entity into your map
2) Change AI System:Main to ”Moshroom\rpg2_dialogs_global.lua”
3) Change Static Mode boolean to Off and Always Active to Yes

The Database

1) Open file Game Guru\Files\scriptbank\Moshroom\rpg2_dialogs_database.lua with a Lua editor
2) Follow the instructions found in the file

In short, you need to create entries for each conversation line of each character and define which conversation line follows after them in the Database file. To get the basic idea, follow the example shown in the video attached. This part might require some basic knowledge of Lua. 

The Entities

1) Place a character entity into your map
2) Change AI System:Main to rpg2_dialogs_entity.lua
3) Change the Name value of the entity whose conversation lines have been defined in rpg2_dialogs_database.lua file
4) Change the Health value of the entity to indicate the initiation line of the conversation


  • Warning 114.1: This warning indicates that the Health value of the entity using rpg2_dialogs_entity.lua script is set incorrectly. Make sure that you have set the Health value to something that has been defined in the rpg2_dialogs_database.lua. For example, if you have this line in your database: EntityString1["Wizard"][1] = "Hello!", and you want "Hello!" to be the conversation initiation line of the entity, make sure that the entity Name value is set to Wizard and Health value is set to 1.
  • Warning 113.1: If you get this warning, try re-downloading the script from TGC store. If you get it repeatedly, please contact the script author.

NOTE: This script may conflict with existing or future implementations of a similar feature provided in the core product, and users are recommended to research any existing functionality provided before purchasing this script.


rpg npc dialogue conversation talking question answer character

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Artist: Moshroom
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Interaction
Number of Objects: 4
Sales: 21

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GameGuru Classic Yes

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LUA .lua
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Moshroom Artist
24th Dec '19 20:30
Happy holidays! The Health variable in the GameGuru’s editor is used to define the first line of converastion of the character defined in the database file, so the script unfortunately overrides the default health mechanistics of GameGuru.
24th Dec '19 13:54
This user owns this product
There is no health field in the character entity?

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